Bench / storage unit
Entry for competition commissioned by Serax & Knack Weekend
Result: [Pending]
400 x 1200 x 280 cm

In collaboration with:
Luca Beel
Roman is an object with a multiple functionalities. Its first purpose is that of a small bench made up from one single module. In addition, various modules can be stacked to form a bookcase. The holes inside the structure provide foot space during seating, but likewise they become alcoves for books in a stacked arrangement.

Roman’s shape is inspired by the characteristic arches found in Classical and Neo-Classical Italian architecture, as found in numerous cathedrals, churches, aqueducts or palazzos. 

The goal is to produce Roman in sealed aerated concrete. This material has a much lower mass density than regular concrete and will therefore grant this design a surprising lightness, unlike you would expect at first glance.