Atrium Pavilion
Open call: integrated art project for residential care facility, Lint (BE)
Result: final round of competition
19,6 m²
in collaboration with Luca Beel

As an intervention to the newly built residential care facility in Lint, Luca Beel and I designed a garden pavilion that interacts with the anticipated path in the main garden. Reflecting on the classical Atrium (a central resting place inside a Roman house) we aimed to create a new function for this path by upgrading it from a plain transit zone into a transit zone as well as a more contemplative seating area where residents can take a rest during a promenade around the garden. Therefore offering a beneficial effect on the well-being of the visitor. 

By visually elevating a circular plain of the surrounding area and using it as a extensive green roof (which was carried by slim center-narrowing columns) an architecture arose. In the center of this space a Birch tree was planted to provide a tangible proximity to nature. In order to make this implantation possible an opening in the center of the roof was provided, through which sunlight and rain could enter, thus providing a pleasant environment for the tree and visitor to reside in.