Monthly flyer
148 x 210 mm

Bonnefooi is a music bar in the heart of Brussels. With up to five live bands per week and Dj’s playing during the weekend it is an well known venue for nighthawks and music lovers. For the design of its monthly flyer the question was to come up with an easy to manage lay-out that would fit well with the already existing elements in Bonnefooi’s overall communication (in order to avoid the costs of an entire rebranding campaign). In previous communication carriers there was a noticeable recurrence of floral patterns. Because of the ever-present atmosphere of the Art-Nouveau (known for its floral forms) in the Brussels’ street view and this already familiarized imagery, I decided to boldly use flowers as ‘campaign images’ for these monthly flyer, allowing it to become a recognizable item in the shelves and to encourage some loyal followers to collect these flyers and build an herbarium over time.