Ben Storms
Certificates, invoices and business cards 
Ben Storms is a Belgian furniture designer who thinks in terms of matter, with a pronounced predilection for precious materials and an extensive knowledge of manual techniques. 

For the development of his graphic identity the aim was to impose some subtle and elegant references to his practice as a designer, without compromising the integrity of his work by an overwhelming graphic presence. By making some small, but significant alternations to the serifs of the Plantin typeface (designed by Frank Hinman Pierpont in 1913) a bespoke lettering for the logotype was obtained. The serifs were adjusted to a triangular form, as to make them look like chiseled letters, hereby referring to Ben’s preference towards marble in his work. In addition to this logotype a monogram is embossed in letterheads and various other stationary items, giving the whole a sense of ‘manufactory.’